The Tale of the Missing Tennis Ball


Once upon a time there was a pink tennis ball purchased from Petco for the sole purpose of massaging the lower back muscles of this here fair maiden. It did it’s job day in and day out with no complaints. Only 2-5 minutes of work each day made for a life of leisure but sadly, boredom. After all, the life a a tennis ball is meant for action! So one day this ball found itself tossed into a suitcase heading for Costa Rica! Wow. T.B. quivered with delight and anticipation of rolling around on the wooden floor of a foreign land.

After a long suffocating journey smushed between yoga pants and sports bras, Pink t.b. emerged for it’s first few minutes of work. Delighted to be rolling around in a tropical climate, TB’s spirits soared, only to be left alone in the new room. đŸ˜¦ TB thought, there has to be more to life…..

Last seen laying atop the freshly made bed after the maidens returned to their bungalow from Yoga and then gone. No note.  Nothing. The suitcase was emptied and patted down in search of the missing ball. Furniture moved. Every possible hiding place inspected. No pink tennis ball. For the maiden, this proved a serious problem as the T.B.’s work needed to happen before any exercise could be performed safely.

But then, Serendipity introduced neighbors, Matthew and Amy, on vacation to do yoga, surfing and TENNIS! When told of the tale, they generously offered the gift of, not one, but three tennis balls!!! Unbelievable. Our kind neighbors left one day before us. That same day when re-packing the suitcase, six days after the disappearance, there sat in plain view, the pink ball gone AWOL.

Yah, I know what your thinking: It was in there all along….It could have been the monkeys, the maid, the repairman but I tell you, it definitely, absolutely and positively was not in the suitcase until that morning. But then the plot thickens! Upon returning home to the land of reality and snow, no longer a maiden, I decided to do my laundry. Upon emptying the dryer, out rolled a yellow tennis ball and I thought, “Hah! How did you get in there?” I was sure I had separated laundry from balls. And so I had, yet somehow a new friend had entered the story!


And they lived happily ever after!



2 Responses to “The Tale of the Missing Tennis Ball”

  1. 1 David Jacob March 18, 2017 at 4:19 pm

    Pink racquet grip say hello to PTB

  2. 2 Teryl March 18, 2017 at 4:42 pm

    I was just thinking about you, and to my delightful surprise found this fresh new entry! Thanks for the read and the “keep your eye on the ball” redefined! ;-}

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