Gifts and lessons of love from the Universe


It was early morning and I took off on my morning bike ride, with a recently massaged body relaxed and free from any alcohol residue, for days. And a mind, tossing about ideas of creative visualization and magical thinking. Giving myself a cerebral break instead of  hemorrhaging with relentless self criticism.

One of my favorite bike path moments is crossing the bridge over Diversey harbor and taking a left off the path, the down hill “whoosh”, then a sharp right and I’m riding next to the big beautiful lake that pretends to be the Sea. I prepare to avoid any random glass shards or firework fallout,  but instead I pass a bouquet of flowers, placed lovingly next to a blue and green chalk heart. Wow. U turn!!!

What is the story here? I considered different romantic scenarios involving an anonymous declaration of love from stranger to oblivious runner, rider, or walker. In the end I’d like to think it’s a gift of love to all of us that pass it by. It makes me so happy. Like a message from the Universe that I’m on the right path. An enthusiastic thumbs up!

Energized and inspired I ride further than usual, around the museum campus, stopping to rest behind the planetarium. With only the occasional runner, it is a very peaceful and private place to sit. I do some yoga poses to relieve my shoulders and neck, then head back north for the journey home.

I pass a woman dressed monochromatically in burgundy dress, TOP HAT (?!?) and umbrella. I almost turn around to ask if I can take her picture but I don’t and now I wish I had, because it feels unreal… like a dream.

Past Oak street beach, I see a young woman running with one leg and a prosthetic. I watch her pass another runner with two real legs. I am in awe.  It makes me want to try harder at everything. Slap that “Oh poor me” whining part, silly. Embrace my personal best. Try to do all those things, that pesky little subconscious voice claims I can’t do.

As I approach the scene of heart and flowers, I kind of expect that someone has taken the bouquet. I think some selfish little punk will have snatched it for his girlfriend. Happily, I am wrong and it is still there, renewing my faith in humankind! Or possibly it is surrounded by some sacred force field of protection. It is intuitive to all that this must be shared.

The next morning when I get to Diversey it is beyond gone, with not even a trace of the heart. Washed away by the lake or a temporary exhibition that has moved on to another location? So happy I took the picture to preserve the memory and the notion that we are all loved.


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