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Forty Minutes




Time is always fucking with me….well more honestly,  I make it so. No fault of our dearest Time. It IS, always there for me. The problem? I can be slow and distracted while Time runs ahead. Really it does not run, but moves steady, calm and even.  My perception of it has become distorted. I think if I only have an hour it’s not enough to do anything creative. I spend too much of it trying to create some perfect mood instead of actually creating anything at all. Inspiration becomes the elusive hidden treasure.  Even though I know this is false, I forget and continue to be the victim of my own myth.

However, Sunday morning I had a revelation. I had promised to help my friends paint at 10:30 am.  I really wanted to do my lakefront bike ride before but as usual, I dawdled. At 9:50 I jumped on the bike and decided I’d ride as much as Time would allow. The weather was glorious and the bike path wasn’t so crowded for the weekend. The wind was kind and I flew fast down the path, listening to my iPod (safe volume), all my favorites sounding better than ever. Then, I glanced to my right and saw, ONLY BIKES ON LAKE SHORE DRIVE!!! I didn’t know about it but I guess it happens every year and I just happened to happen on it! Veer to the right, over grass then curb, onto the Drive. Pick a lane, any lane. Plenty of room. Something about bikes over taking a road only meant for cars is exciting. I road no handed. And then, serendipity played the Jimmy Hendrix song with lyric “I’m gonna wave my freak flag high” …..okay, (backing up a few lyrics) there may have been a few “white collar conservatives” on the path too but the whole thing felt wonderfully rebellious, even if it was legal for the morning.

Just  before the end of Lake Shore Drive there were kids standing with signs to redirect us back on the bike path. I passed another rider who had this crazy smile on his face. Couldn’t decide if he was, indeed, crazy or just uncontrollably happy. I still had just enough time to stop and get a coffee to go, but was feeling so high on life that I chose to sit and saver my cappuccino with it’s froth painted heart. I ate a bacon and cheddar scone (yum), jotted down some notes for this post and sent a text to my friends, saying I’d be 15 minutes late.

The miracle of my experience was that Time stretched like a bungee cord without backlash. It expanded with the illusion of more: It was true timelessness. Rich in content and full of life being lived in the moment and wide awake. All this in 40 minutes. Amazing!  Imagine if I could bring this magic home and learn to ride Time like a bicycle? Discover the extended version of life whenever I choose.



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