Thinking like a super hero!

I’ve been thinking that some of my posts betray the original concept of this blog and may instead be promoting mistrust and that’s been troubling. I am one, that can’t help but tell the truth. I wear my emotions and can only achieve a convincing poker face with supreme concentration. It would be unfair and unrealistic to sugar coat the path to trust. The way I see it, these challenges thrown my way are a kind of bootcamp for refining my intuitive skills. It could also be the bi-product of fear.  Although I may appear to be fearless,  close encounters with the beast scare me and infect my spirit.

And really, this blog is not here to encourage anyone to advertise anything on Craigslist or to rent your spare bedroom on Airbnb. I do this only to support my creative lifestyle and so I might travel and write more uplifting stories! Also, keep in mind that meeting the Unmet Friend through and has been the real fun-filled deal because nobody is selling anything.

Finally, the fact remains that through these trials  I have ultimately prevailed! I think the trick going forward is to think like a super hero without leaping from tall building in a single bound!  You know…good old fashioned confidence seasoned with a good dose of belief.  Examples, not in order of importance:

1. I believe I will aways find a good parking space no matter how challenging the neighborhood and therefore I am the Parking Goddess.

2. I believe that there’s plenty of good people out there who will want to rent my room.

3. I believe there is a gang of invisible good guys hovering above , always protecting but also stepping aside for lessons that need  be learned.

4. I believe it’s all going to be okay.

So for all you adventurers in training, please learn from my mistakes and keep the faith!


3 Responses to “Thinking like a super hero!”

  1. 1 Peter Karpf August 18, 2012 at 7:59 pm

    I also believe I will always find a parking space right in front. Unfortunately, there is usually a car in it.

  2. 3 Inga August 19, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    I am here to confirm, the parking thing is true. Not only can the ‘unmet friend’ find an awesome parking space near the destination, but it’s as if the parking space grows to the size needed to fit the car. I have been amazed numerous times and I never concern myself with parking while driving with ‘the unmet friend’

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