Please, no panoramic views!

One of the great features of is the virtual wall of “Favourites”. Any card from anyones profile that is uploaded can be chosen as such which make’s it much easier to choose something that will bring happiness. Each day the site will send an email of all cards picked as favourites to the sender and it’s a pleasant reward for taking the time and choosing well! So one day, I get the email and a member from Mexico City has favored a bunch of my cards. Clearly, I’m curious so I check out his profile: which completely charms me into sending a message with the promise of a postcard. Ricardo, who loves flea markets and hates panoramic view cards, replies happily with his address so I put together an envelope with a few cards filled with words. Meanwhile, a couple days later I get the favourites email and this time a woman from Mexico City has favored a crop of cards and so again curious I go to her profile: and read that she too is anti panorama and lover of flea markets. Hmmm…Coincidence? Conspiracy? I shoot her a message with postcard offer and the question “Do you know Ricardo?” Aha!  I am a brilliant detective and she confesses that he is her boyfriend! Awesome. Her name is officially Anayatzin sometimes known as Ana but otherwise called Brenda! I send her an envelope and wait…awhile. Mail between Mexico and the U.S. is sloooowww but one day I receive the greatest envelope from Ricardo. He has made a card out of a subway map and has marked off where and when all the markets are with detailed descriptions of each one. One he calls the “Mad Max” market because it’s in a dangerous neighborhood. I am told I must not wear high heals (I’m sure!) and bring a hat against the sun etc. Also inclosed is this most amazing photograph:


I love that this guy is on top of the world, well dressed and pointing to some mysterious thing we will never know while certainly enjoying his own panoramic view! It was an envelope full of treasure and beyond beautiful.

Then some time passes and I receive an equally fantastic envelope from Brenda with this amazing postcard:


Also enclosed was the kind of letter one would only hope to get from a good friend. It was warm, personal and full of substance. No mention of the weather and absolutely no small talk. Oh yes, and they both chose the most beautiful stamps like the ones featured on Blog header which were from Ricardo.

I was completely in love with my new friends 🙂 and they may not have known but I knew I would find a way to meet them one day! And I did….3 times in one year! First Mexico City, then Paris, then Oaxaca. Here we are having a picnic by the Seine.


This is only an intro to Ricardo and Brenda. Our adventures will likely spill onto multiple future posts!


1 Response to “Please, no panoramic views!”

  1. 1 Brenda April 13, 2012 at 9:25 pm

    Dear Felice,
    I’m blushing seeing my silly face up there 🙂
    I can only hope to be someday as brave as you, taking such great chances to meet strangers!
    What lucky chance drove Ricardo to your sent wall of postcards. It still amazes me!

    Please, receive lots of hugs from me and the other neurotic who hates panoramic view postcards….

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