Is there life without Coffee and Cocktails?


For as long as I can remember I have looked to coffee to fuel my inspiration and creativity. Each morning begins with the systematic march from bed, to bathroom to Espresso machine. The somewhat detailed brewing process is something I could probably do blind folded and with very little brain activity . Once or twice I have sprinkled cinnamon on steamed milk in mug, drank the whole thing forgetting to brew the espresso and thinking “Why does this taste so weak?”

I love coffee so much that it’s dysfunctional. It’s true. I am A Woman Who Loves….coffee too much. It would be just as hard to break up with coffee as with my boyfriend of ten years. I love the ritual of drinking it and writing postcards in the morning. I love the good conversation it seems to orchestrate when sitting and drinking it with a friend. I love the way the warm cup feels in my hands and I ALWAYS never want it to end. When it’s gone I know I must step forward into the day bravely, maintaining my buzz and making things happen.

Easier then quiting coffee and ditching the boyfriend would be giving up alcohol. As much as I know it’s wrong and even more dysfunctional to think that all the fun would leak out of life without : wine with dinner, beer at  ball games, mezcal in Mexico, martinis at or cocktails at I just can’t visualize this new spiritless existence.

There is one ray of hope and her name is Cassy Clark. Never mind her 10 (estimate) shots a day espresso habit or her (I’m afraid to ask) cigarette addiction. She does not drink anything alcoholic and she is one of the most fun friends I have ever known. But still, I can’t leach on to Cassy for every social waking moment. So many hilarious intoxicated moments would be lost to this thing called sobriety.

Then again there is that other thing called “Moderation”. That may eventually work but for now it needs to be cold turkey abstinence. Oh yah, and it’s not just coffee and alcohol. All kinds of new products have made it onto my grocery list with words like “Gluten Free” and “Flourless” while many others like cheese, milk, bread,  pasta and so much more are out.

I know. Now you’re starting to get depressed and be grateful that you’re not me. It is a dietary experiment and I may not need be doomed to a cheeseless life but it’s likely that coffee and cocktails are gonna be a done deal. You may ask why? The abbreviated gory details are: Something is inflaming my spine while disks are pinching, shoulders are frozen with numb and tingling arms while neck does not enjoy supporting my head,etc. All this plus nights of fun filled hot flashes that wake me every two hours.

Pain and no medical insurance has led me down this new dietary road. I  met a woman on a bicycle covered in artificial flowers.

Image She asked me about my neck brace and it turned out she had some similar shoulder problem that she cured with radical diet change. I thought maybe the universe sent her my way and I should listen. My chiropractor, Andy Pasminski gave it a thumbs up so here it goes. Oh yes, and just so you know, giving up my chiropractor would be right in there with the coffee, alcohol and boyfriend.

PS. I still have one bottle of wine and a weeks worth of coffee beans left but I wrote this as a kind of affirmation.


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